Questa campagna è stata interamente scritta dal nostro Master, che ha fatto un immenso lavoro di raccolta e connessione di avvenimenti ed informazioni riguardanti Waterdeep nel periodo storico in cui l’abbiamo giocata.
Fin dal principio, la sua idea era di far ruotare gli eventi intorno alla nobile famiglia Ruldegost, ma il materiale che aveva reperito era frammentario e lacunoso. Così decise di scrivere direttamente a Ed Greenwood, il creatore dei Forgotten Realms, per avere qualche dettaglio in più sulla famiglia.

Ecco la risposta di Ed che ha, di fatto, dato origine alle storie raccontate in questo sito.

Lord Dethnar died early on in the time period covered by published Realmslore, and Lord Bly is indeed his younger (and only) brother, and stepped in to serve as Regent to Dethnar’s son (and the heir of the house), Detan.
Dethnar’s wife, Essemra, predeceased him by half a year (she died of an “internal illness” that real-world doctors would probably have deemed cancer, and the grieving and embittered Dethnar set about settling scores with old foes, and died in a sword duel in a dark alley, one night, in Dock Ward).
The widowed (Lord Alaerik Ruldegost died in 1353 DR, poisoned by an unknown intruder probably hired by a noble or guild trade rival) Lady Kara Ruldegost is Dethnar’s mother, and is in her late nineties as of 1370 DR. She never leaves her upper room, and is withered and shrunken and largely confined to a massive highbacked chair, but has sharp wits and a tongue like a razor, and rules the household.
Lord Bly is increasingly absent from the Ruldegost manor in Waterdeep, and from family matters, his interests lying elsewhere (sleyvas has pointed the way to most of that “elsewhere”).
Leaving the heir’s upbringing in the hands of devoted longtime family servants overseen from a distance by Lady Kara.
The sixteen other living Ruldegosts are the sons and daughters of Lady Kara’s now-dead younger brother, Alauvin. Who went through three wives, all much younger than he was, in swift succession (the last two within a decade). So Alauvin and his three wives are all dead by the mid-1360s DR, but all of their offspring are still alive in 1370 DR.
The first wife, Parlarla Imbrivviyn of Athkatla, bore Alauvin two daughters, Nauvneene and Orlaethra (both tall, saturnine, and withdrawn sorceresses who prefer the company of women to that of men, and study and devouring fiction to dealing with the real world outside the Ruldegost walls; Nauvneene thinks like Lady Kara and could replace her in a trice if Kara died).
The second wife, Imra Dragonbellow of Lyrabar, bore Alauvin three sets of twin boys and two daughters: Geldor and Parbrym; Naint and Corvor; Telneth and Burdeth; Hammalarra; and Shelaenne.
Alauvin’s third wife, the wild and wanton Lorlethra Tarmahael of Saerloon, gave him a son, the dashing young rake Ramphaer, followed by five daughters: Lethlill (she and Ramphaer share a love that’s a little deeper than mere fond sibling bonds), the triplets Zorsra, Ambedaelia, and “Dethur” Dethurra (once described by Mirt as “three brainless little dolls”); and last, the impish and beautiful Trethma (whose looks and manner attract much attention at revels and other public functions in Waterdeep).
Of old, the Ruldegosts were a clan of red-faced, burly, hard-living swordsmen who married a motley array of long-suffering wives who mostly outlived them, or stayed single and rakish, and became another of the infamous “randy old Ruldegost uncles,” but by the time Alaerik became head of the house upon the death of his father Norond, all of these uncles had died out.
These older Ruldegosts were the epitome of what some guildmasters and wealthy Waterdhavian merchants derided as “idiot nobles, unfit to lead any society, governed as they are by hot tempers, selfishness, debauchery, and a life of destructive-to-others idleness.” What saved the Ruldegosts for years was their loyalty to their servants, who in turn were very loyal to them, and very competently ran family affairs.

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